• Clidoon started a new project based on Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) System for Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Operation Company (TUSROC - Tehran Metro) in 2008.
  • TUSROC authorized Clidoon to undertake Engineering, Supervision & Integration in the Project.


  • The main challenge in this case was the all-inclusive installation of new technology such as Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) System.
  • The engineering, supervision and integration of a TETRA system in four active lines in Tehran Metro was also a crucial hurdle.


  • A team of dedicated project personnel was focused fully on the system. Regular weekly meetings with TUSROC were held to finalize the designs, drawings and documentation to fulfill the project requirements.
  • The systems supplied via General Contractor (GC) covering TETRA system such as Base Station (BSs) and Vehicular and Handheld terminals, Fiber Optic Repeaters, Leaky Cables, LAN system, Telephones, Converged Voice & Data Network, Complete Telecom System, Voice Recording and Network Monitoring Systems.


  • Clidoon’s performance for TUSROC quickly resulted in a reaable TETRA network meeting ciritial communication needs of the our Client.
  • In addition, testimonials has been awarded and furnished to Clidoon accordingly.