• Clidoon Integration started  a new project in the oil & gas market in the 3th Quarter of 2013.  With our perseverance, Clidoon emerged as the winner for POGC Central Power Plant Project.
  • The project is for Pars Oil & Gas Company (POGC) based in Iran.


  • This project required the complete and unfailing integration of more than 8 different Sub-Systems in one Telecom and Security Package.
  • The technical complexity of the POGC project required the deployment of Engineers and Technicians in POGC’s premises to work closely with customers in order to execute its different aspects.
  • Owing to the client’s industry, tight project execution and delivery schedules had to be adhered to.


  • A team of dedicated project and service personnel was dispatched on-site to ensure that no delays would have to be suffered, and no mistakes made. This also made for strict deadline adherence and drastically shortened turnaround time.
  • To handle the requirements of this project, Clidoon Integration brought together systems including – Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) System, Access Control System (ACS), LAN System; Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) System, Intrusion Detection System (ISD), PABX Telephone System, Public Address Á General Alarm (PAGA) System, Clock System.


  • This is another significant milestone for Clidoon as POGC is an important market for the company.   Clidoon Integration strongly believes that POGC is the biggest growing market for the company, and we are planning to take full advantage of this opportunity.