Financial & Investment Consultants

Certain range of services offered by Financial and Investment Consultants include the following:

- Consultancy in all issues pertaining to domestic and foreign investments under different investment modalities covering Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Civil Participation, Buy-Back and Build–Operate-Transfer (BOT) schemes as well as project financing arrangements.

- Analysis of Iran’s economic and business environment.

- Evaluation of investment concepts and risk analysis.

- Conduct studies and preparation of feasibility reports for industrial, agricultural, mining and different services.

- Planning, undertaking and conduct of negotiations with foreign and domestic parties being governmental, private and/or international for the purpose of their participation and cooperation with and/or in Iranian firms as well as financing from domestic and foreign institutions.

- Development and drafting of contracts and agreements between investors/financiers with local clients and partners.

- Financial and legal due diligence of local companies (both listed and non-listed) targeted for purchase by foreign investors.

- Provision of support for visiting missions including mission planning and arrangement of entry visas and local office facilities.

- Development of licensing agreements in the areas of transfer of technology arrangements.

- Obtaining licenses for establishment of economic units and firms as well as applying and obtaining Investment Licenses under the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA) coupled with follow up subsequent processing and during operational stages.

- Representation of investors and shareholders in general assemblies and boards of directors in joint-venture as well as wholly owned companies.

- Development planning (strategy, recruitment of work force, sales and marketing).

- Registration of local subsidiary companies or branches for foreign clients.

- Constant supervision on legal rights of foreign investors during the lifetime of their investments.

- Organizing and conducting local, regional as well as international investment forums and workshops on sectors of interest to foreign and domestic firms.